Our Story

The Recipe

Since February 2022, TOVARITCH! Vodka was rebranded in new, blue livery and has been created in Latvia, part of Europe, ever since. This spirit is European through and through.

Born from noble beginnings our formula remained a family secret for generations. Count Jule Rene Litta the Order of Malta's ambassador to Empress Catherine II (1762-1796) was allowed to develop a superior vodka with the master distillers of the imperial court.
The result was a recipe for a perfectly smooth vodka, preserved in the Litta family until the present day.

Our Story

The Vodka


Our distillation process in tandem with the purest water and proper selection of raw materials, brings to life the Litta family’s 300-year-old recipe.
This original recipe is shaped by rigorous quality controls and the finest ingredients resulting in TOVARITCH! Vodka’s remarkable transparency and pre-eminence.

Our Story

A New Tradition

In 1998, the Marquis Eugenio Litta Modignani, a descendant of Jules Rene Litta, decided to launch the TOVARITCH! as a Premium Vodka brand in Switzerland, based on his ancestor’s secret recipe. It is made in Europe and distributed globally and has become the world’s most highly awarded vodka.

Our Story

Global Presence

In 2000, after years of painstaking refinement, the production of TOVARITCH! Vodka began. Our brand is now present on four continents. It is created in Riga, Latvia, using all European ingredients and packaging. It is stored centrally in Riga with secondary storage and its HQ in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our Story

The Evolution

Today, TOVARITCH! is craftedin Riga, Latvia where we have shifted production by transferring our expertiseto the Baltic states.
To mark this transition, our product is now housed in updated packaging that reflects the brand’s commitment to outstanding quality and exceptional ingredients.