How it's Made

The Product

The Taste

Our authentic premium vodka is refined on the palate with a zesty aroma.
A lovely balance of stone fruit and peppering spice notes stimulate the senses.

The Product

Our vodka is prepared by master blenders that institute a rigorous distillation, blending, and filtration process.
The result is an unrivalled Premium Vodka awarded the world over.

The process

Distillation is a Science and Fine Art

Our Master Distillers practice a centuries-old tradition in vodka production that uses existing energy to distil five times more accurately drops of ethanol from grain.
This removes any impurities and gives the spirit total transparency.
This process enhances the character, depth, and purity of TOVARITCH! vodka.
We harness quality and consistency that gives our vodka a unique savored velvety texture delighting all who taste it.
Healthy Fermented Grain
Distillation Blaze
Filtered Water
Devoted Masters Blenders


The caliber of grain used in our vodka is distinctly rich in taste and character. Our recipe thoughtfully considers the complexity and depth that derives from the finest grain. Backed by European traceability and the Baltic States collaboration , TOVARITCH! guarantees 100% wheat without mixing.


Our master grain distillers draw on seven hundred years of traditional Russian vodka production used throughout Europe and the Baltic States. Created through generations of practice this pioneering distillate imparts a distinct taste to each batch of vodka that makes our product world-class.


TOVARITCH! is made from all-natural ingredients that are carefully blended with precision to ensure the highest quality of spirit.